Product Info

Purina Antler Advantage Wildlife 20 

Purina Antler Advantage Wildlife 20 

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Palatable 20% protein pellet designed to supplement the diets of multiple species of free ranging wild herbivores in native habitat.

Features & Benefits:

  • Balanced nutrition: Higher in protein than most grasses and browse species in native habitat. Contains a vitamin and mineral package including Vitamins A, D & E, phosphorus and trace minerals.
  • Convenient: One feed that can be fed to multiple species including wild sheep. Can be fed in a feeder or the 3/8” pellet can be fed on the ground.
  • Effective: Supplies essential nutrients to improve diets and optimize productivity of wild herbivores when nutrients available from the native habitat may be limiting due to climatic conditions, overstocking, and other stressful situations\
  • Palatable: Apple flavored, unique blend of nutritious ingredients and readily accepted by wild herbivores