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What hooks a fish? Nothing like a juicy giant Canadian Nightcrawler from Baitmaster™. Millions of fish have left the water happy, because their last meal was their best!

The best deal for volume shooters. In our opinion, the best bang for your buck is the 1/2 pounders as you can stack and duct tape one on top of another and one will initiate the other (If you desire to make a larger target for shooting longer distances).

  • Model Number: PX55HB

Using a wireless remote control, turn on the Pierce spotlight within 200 feet of your vehicle, truck, rig, ATV or UTV. 360-degree rotation and 120 tilt capability. To operate, just hard mount or use the included magnet to any flat metal surface, plug in the light with to a vehicle lighter and turn on the light with the remote control.

If you want to shoot a big buck, you need to get them onto your property. In this era of food plots and property management, deer will choose to go to the setup that's best. BB2 is your secret weapon. Its powerful aroma, the result of a proprietary refining process, draws deer from farther away. 40lbs