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Messinas Squirrel Stopper 15 Oz.

Messinas Squirrel Stopper 15 Oz.

  • Manufacturer: Messina Wildlife

Messinas Squirrel Stopper can be used to discourage most squirrels and chipmunks from nesting, foraging and entering attics and other areas. To prevent further home and garden harm, apply Messinas Squirrel Stopper to key areas.

Our humane and safe Messinas Squirrel Stopper creates a sensory barrier that works by smell, taste and feel and can be applied every 30 days regardless of weather or watering. It is pleasant to use, dries clear and odor free and is safe to use around fruits and vegetables.  When using on fabrics or other areas in danger of staining, always test a small piece before using on large areas to ensure it is suitable.


  • Coverage: Approximately 750 sq. ft.
  • Lasts approximately 30 days, regardless of weather
  • Pleasant to use formula
  • Ready to Use Liquid
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!